Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Dove World Outreach Centre (or The Evangelical Church of St Christ The Nutter)

Welcome to The Evangelical Church of St Christ The Nutter(Or, The Dove World Outreach Center, Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A.)

For those who have been hiding under rocks recently, a church in Gainesville, Florida, has been advocating a ‘Burn The Koran day’ in the garden of their church to show Muslims of the World that they stand against them.
Judging by the amount of publicity Pastor Terry Jones has evoked, you would think it a Monty Python sketch, but unfortunately it is not THAT Terry Jones and it really isn’t that funny and the fact that it is going to be held on the anniversary of 9/11 just beggars belief ?
Thankfully, this horrendous stunt has been condemned throughout the world by normal people worldwide but the problem is, how do you arrest and charge a nut job like that without him using the usual ‘I am being persecuted for my Christian Belief’ as a defence ?

America might be the land of the free, but unfortunately as the world has seen so many times previously, it is also the land of the stark raving religious lunatic, and this sums that up so well…

I wouldn’t mind if he was going to put his faith in God to the test by carrying out his threat in a Muslim country…
Hell ! I’d probably go and watch, but Gainesville, Florida… Wow ! That’s a hotbed of radical Islam, isn’t it ?
How brave is that ?
Unfortunately the media lap this sort of thing up, and people like Jones get the publicity they crave for their decidedly wonky views, but who is really going to
suffer… Apart from some poor sod whose government has sent them to Iraq or Afghanistan as part of a peace keeping force, let’s say ?
Just us.
Just the normal everyday folk who go about their legitimate business on a daily basis and whether that involves a trip to a church, mosque or temple is immaterial…
We are the ones who are going to suffer.
And why ?
Because Christianity, like Islam, is a broad church and admits anyone…
Even nutters !
Which makes a pretty good case for banning membership of both organisations and a few more besides on the grounds of war, murder, hatred, intolerance, ignorance, bigotry, and so many ‘o-phobias that it would be a waste of time to list them…
But this ?
This could only happen in America.
Forgive them Lord… They know not what they do…

Oi ! God ! I want a word with you… Did you put that retard here to test my faith, or what ?
I’ll tell you now, sunshine… It ain’t funny, and I think you’re being a bit of a cunt…
We’ve had Bush and B’liar, Abu Hamza and Wayne fucking Rooney… How many more of your fucking comedians are you gonna dump on us ?
At least give us Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Peter Cook and Bill Hicks back, and we might have a fighting chance ?

See… I’m ok with MY God.
I can talk to him and generally he just takes the piss, but that’s what Gods do because they are Gods and they can get away with it.

Welcome to the Evangelical Church of St Christ The Nutter…
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Thursday, 9 July 2009


Yes its true ive joined the masses in the hunt for that elusive bargain to make my fortune on
ive mainly been buying and reselling playstation 1 games by the bucket load some 150-250
items ive purchased mostly rare games such as resident evil,legend of dragoon,tombi,risk,
breath of fire, among many others the thing is i find it alot of fun making a profit on what i
buy and resell. Have i joined the profiteering mongerers of the world i hear the the middle aged
anarchist scream i suppose in away i have ive also found a chron gen live recording i didnt have in my collection which was cool among other little goodies ive bought , theres also downsides
to ebay recieving goods not as stated in there listings,things going missing in the post,other
ebayers trying to swindle a quick buck, but i suppose on the whole the last few months of ebay
has been an interesting one and pretty much enjoyable one anyway this is a pretty poor attemp on posting a topic on this joint blog started by mr Nuzz my future posts im sure will be alot
better and much more engrosing for the reader ide love too hear your thoughts on ebay and
your experiences.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

TWATTER aka YOUR ARSE TUBE SPACE: FROM POLIT(R)IKS TO BEYonnnnnnnnnnnndddd.........................

TWATTER aka YOUR ARSE TUBE SPACE: FROM POLIT(R)IKS TO BEYonnnnnnnnnnnndddd.........................

FROM POLIT(R)IKS TO BEYonnnnnnnnnnnndddd.........................

Hey Seriously tho,' is it just me ?

I mean I'm looking at all these politicians on the tele' and I'm beginning to feel sorry for the self righteous, theivin', hypocritical bunch of self-serving venal trough scoffers...

Did you see Margaret Beckett on Question Time ?????

Absolutely brilliant !

"Are you going to repay the seventy two thousand pounds...?"
And a chorus of boo's erupted so spontaneously and so naturally from the audience that I actually joined in with it...

Think about that for a minute ?
Is it autosuggestive or what ?
Was I so in tuned with a studio audience that had been taped miles away earlier in the day that I actually felt as one with them ?
And when they started on Ming The Merciless, too...

Its television like that which almost makes it worthwhile paying your licence fee.
Utterly spellbinding stuff.
The bloke making the most common sense was the head of MacDonalds in this country.
(Yes, I know... Sorry for using the 'M' word... I'll go and write out 50 lines 'I must not use the MacDonalds word in a good light ever and ever, Amen...' forthwith but...)

Is it just me, or are we being bombarded with 'Don't Vote B.N.P. ' adverts on the tele' at the moment ?

I mean here's this bunch of theivin', self righteous, hypocritical, venal, self serving trough scoffers telling us who not to vote for ?????
Do they honestly think that Mr & Mrs Voter from Middle England is going to take anything they say seriously after this ???????
Mr & Mrs Middle England is going to vote for a 'SENSIBLE' party that sounds and acts like a political party 'should'.
Mr & Mrs Voter is going to vote for U.K.I.P. and the B.N.P. and there's nothing anybody can do to stop it...

(But it was brilliant television !).


(I'll go and write those lines now...).

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Common Sense- Where the hell has it all gone?

The current Government stance on the Gurkhas and their rights to stay in this country have set me thinking. Does anyone else think that they seem to be going out of their way to be as difficult as possible, and do exactly the opposite of what common sense should dictate? And its not just the Central Government that is guilty of this, Local Authorities seem to have the same issue with consistency as far as policy is concerned.

The Gurkhas have proved through sacrifice and dedication that they are decent, hard- working people, and no matter what your views on war, you cannot deny that so many of these people laid down their lives for our country that we have no right to prevent them from living out the rest of their days here with whatever the state can afford to give them. By stark contrast to the obstructions placed in front of the Gurkhas, the fact is, we have a lot of immigrants in this country who have not proved anything at all, least of all their genuine eligibility for maximum benefits etc. I accept that immigrants come here for all sorts of reasons, and I have no problem with that, Britain has long welcomed the desperate and down- trodden- even when we have been in that situation ourselves.

What I am questioning is the kind of mind- set that allows people with dubious intentions to come here, get away with what ever the hell they want, and then goes out of its way to obstruct a group of people who have shown their dedication to their country by dying for it!

As a side note I believe that people like Abu Hamza are here for the benefit of the media,the War on Terror agenda, to stir up as much trouble as possible, and he also gives the Popular media a hate figure! (Osama- Lite!)

And its not just Immigration policy, Social Services are doing their bit in the war against common sense. Roughly the same time as the Baby P case appeared in the papers, there were a rash of 'minor' stories about mothers being threatened with having their un-born babies taken and adopted as soon as they were born. Their terrible crimes? To have had such things as depression in their teens!

In one case I can remember, the girl who was in her early 20's had had depression when she was 15, but had improved greatly and her family GP had testified that she was of sound mind and perfectly fit be a mother. Yet social services had told her that they were going to have to take her baby straight into care for its own protection.

When Baby P died, the social workers said things like, 'oh, we didn't realise that the mother would be a danger', and, even though there was reams of evidence and he was constantly being taken to hospital, 'we couldn't go against her human rights and take the child away', 'there was no evidence that they deliberatley harmed him (hundreds of times!) so we couldn't justify putting him in care'.

So let me get this straight- one group of social workers can justify taking a child by basing everything on the fact that the mother previously had depression, and another group, despite the fact the baby had already been hurt, couldn't take the child into care?

The list of obvious contradictions goes on and on. If you already have your eyes open you'll know just how frustrating the minor things can be, as well as the major lies and diversions!

What the hell is going on here? Why is everyone in 'authority' determined to do the opposite of what any half- decent person would do? Is it deliberate? Or just huge incompetence and inconsistency?

I think its important to know the answer to those questions, I think once we know, the bigger stuff will start to fall into place.........!

Any Ideas?

Friday, 24 April 2009

Oh! my Darling.

Guaranteed jobs for the unemployed! If there were jobs there wouldn't be any unemployed. Living on credit! wasn't that what got us into the mess in the first place, now the government are gonna borrow wheel barrows full of it to try and get us out of the shit, when all the time we're sinking deeper into it. It's gonna be a long hot summer. I predict a riot! and how long before the police start using the anti terrorism act to stop people filming or taking pictures of them. Just a few thoughts I had while staring at a blank word document.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

State Fascism- the circle comes round again!

Hmmmm, the G20 protests............

I personally would have loved to have gone along and voiced my disgust at our current, grossly bloated corporate system, but I didn't because the media and police hype made me instantly suspicious. There are many incidents in history of provocateurs planted in protests and strikes, it's a simple equation, if they don't want what you're saying to reach the ears of the general public, trouble is conveniently started and the real message becomes distorted. In the end the only thing they get to see in their living rooms on the evening news are pictures of violence and whatever the police do in that situation can be justified by saying they were provoked.

It seems to me that because the vast majority of people who are anti- corporate/ anti- globalization etc. could actually give a reasoned debate on their points of view, our so- called leaders decided long before the event that something had to be done to distract people.

This neatly explains both the convenient pockets of violence that I'm sure were 'encouraged' in some way and the attempted provocation by the police. The overall aim of the police violence meted out to Ian Tomlinson, the woman in the crowd, and I'm sure many others was to get the protesters to lash out at the police- giving them an excuse to start really cracking down, not just at that protest but ANY OTHER TIME after where the basic right to legitimate dissent might be exercised.

It has happened before many times- and we have evidence they are starting to use the same old tactics. Anyone who is familiar with protests in the 70's and 80's will remember such illuminated ideas as the Special Patrol Group. If you will also remember, it was a favourite tactic of the police to remove their identifying numbers in order to get away with extreme acts of violence.

During the infamous Battle of the Beanfield in 1985 the police were incredibly brutal, when watching the clip below, please bear in mind that in some of those buses and vans are New Age Traveller FAMILIES- not 18 year old middle- class idiots who get daddy to bail them out from court when they let loose for the afternoon (that happened after the G20!)

There were kids in those caravans and buses!

Also notice the lack of ID on the riot squads-

WARNING: Police brutality happens when they think they will be unaccountable for their action!

Please watch this clip:

I am using this as an example of why the fact that the police thought it was ok to hide their faces and prevent their identification was a not an 'anti- terror' measure, or whatever their excuse will be, this is a way of creating trouble without having to explain their actions- pure and simple. If they would go this far for people who just wanted to celebrate the solstice at Stonehenge, what will they do when people are really angry?

Throughout recent history Police forces have been used for the furthering of the goals of some really unpleasant groups. The obvious ones are the Gestapo, the KGB and the current Chinese police force, I could go on, but you know all that anyway. Why do we think our Government would be any different? It's a nasty thought but most of the major dictatorships in our history started out as “Left- wing” parties. In Germany it was the National Socialists, in parts of Asia- Communism, why would Labour not turn out any different? All the hallmarks are there! The only difference today is that there are many who are aware that “Left and Right” in politics do not exist, we have to get past labels and see that there is only one way to govern and that is through Common Sense.

They are trying to prevent the free and natural expression of dissent, the basic right to question the system we are forced to exist in. By any means necessary- getting or encouraging small, well- placed groups to cause violence or letting a few cops stir up peaceful demonstrators by giving them a sneaky dig or two.

What's the answer to this?

How do you have a successful demonstration where the General public can actually hear what you're trying to say? Where the legitimate questions people have can be brought out into the open and debated properly?

How do you express yourself to the people who are in charge when they obviously couldn't care less what you think, they'll go ahead and do whatever the hell they like?

Is this a democracy we are living in?